Bob Odenkirk loads up on post-Breaking Bad projects.
Comedy heavyweight on ‘Better Call Saul’ and exciting new collaborations.

Mark your calendars: Bob Odenkirk on Conan 10/29

Better Call Saul. Ralph Steadman.

Watch a Play from Bob Odenkirk’s New Book Called “Hitler Dinner Party”

Bob Odenkirk’s new book A Load of Hooey comes out today, and to get you excited, he teamed up with Funny or Die and the voice talents of Megan Amram to turn his short play “Hitler Dinner Party” into a fully realized and extremely awkward animation.

Better Call Saul: The Song

An exclusive video featuring an original song performed by Junior Brown, with lyrics by show creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould.


Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Brian Posehn show/book signing highlights:

- Chris and I reading for the Titannica sketch onstage with Bob and David! I got to say, “Dude, you look like a wet cigar!” It was so perfect since Chris and I are obviously way into metal.

- David noticing my Mr. Show tattoo and joking about it during his stand-up. “You know that doesn’t rub off, right?? Well, thank you, I guess…”

- Bob asking to see it and BRINGING ME ONSTAGE TO SHOW IT OFF IN FRONT OF HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE AND THEN HUGGING ME. As he hugged me he sweetly spoke into my ear, “You are so cool. Thank you.” SERIOUSLY. OH MY GOD DID THAT ACTUALLY HAPPEN???? How was that not a dream??? It was such a genuine hug too, he is so so nice.

- Favorite sketches: FF Woodycooks, Cash or Check, the Invention of Twitter

- A million people coming up to me to take pictures/compliment my tattoo. Everyone was so nice and I didn’t feel like the huge dork that I am. David said he talked about me during the second performance too. People the next day were recognizing me just from that!

- Reading 195 pages of Hollywood Said No! just while waiting in line at the book signing. Favorite parts so far are probably Strippertown and the Abe Lincoln rap.

- Bob’s singing!!!!

- Brian being stoked on my Slayer shirt and Mercyful Fate pin.

- Bob Odenkirk taking pictures of me, what! And all three of them just being super nice and excited about my tattoo. Bob said, “I hope it makes you laugh every time you look down and see those stupid things from our silly show!”

So now it’s over. My life has peaked. Is it the Mr. Show 2015 reunion tour yet?

happy 1 year +10 day anniversary to the best time ever

Bob Odenkirk book signing/reading in Albuquerque